Minister Farhadi: 52,000 International Students are in Iran


Minister Farhadi: 52,000 International Students are in Iran

Following the recent election held in May 2017 in Iran, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Prof. Farhadi, stated that the MSRT aims to further facilitate admission of international students in Iran. Minister Farhadi stated that there is currently the total of 52,000 international students undertaking their studies in bachelors to PhD degrees.


Referring to the outstanding capacities of Iranian universities, and the significant number of Memorandums of Understanding signed between Iran and ministries and universities abroad, necessary arrangements have been made with ministries and organizations in charge, to facilitate the procedure of admitting international students at Iranian universities. In addition, formation of a significant number of interdisciplinary courses at universities, establishment of more than 10 research centers in the country, expanding the university-industry link should further assist the higher education centers in Iran, to proceed with exchange of students, staff, and holding joint venture research projects.


تاریخ درج خبر: دوشنبه ٢٩ خرداد ١٣٩٦ , ١٥:٣٧













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